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Docks Port Galati

Built during 1886 - 1892 and privatized in 1997 by Metaltrade Group, the Docks Port Galati is the second harbour on the maritime Danube and in Galati, in terms of size and importance.

It is situated on the left side of the Danube, at sea mile 80, and provides shipping and forwarding services, being specialised in the traffic of general goods and grains.

Since its privatization, the development of all the harbour activities, as well as the infrastructure modernization have been some of the top management's priorities. According to the latest reports, the volume of the goods traffic increased from 360,000 tons in 2001, at abt. 440,000 tons in 2006.

The total surface of the harbour is of 169,331.00 sqm..

The access to the port can be done by roads, by railways (with standard and wide gauge) and waterway.

The technical endowment of the harbour comprises: floating cranes, quay cranes, mobile cranes, lift trucks, wheel loaders, 1 (one) river pusher of 600 HP.

New Basin Galati Port

Constructed during 1909 - 1923, the New Basin Port is the second largest Romanian port, and the largest and the most important harbour on the Danube, providing forwarding, shipping and chartering services for a great variety of products.

It is situated on the left side of the Danube, at sea mile 79, next to the border with Moldova and Ukraina, and very near to the Galati Free Zone.

It was acquired and privatized by Metaltrade Group in 1999.

Ever since, it has been the property of the said Romanian private Group, which is continuously interested in growing up the volume and the productivity of the harbour activities, by modernizing the whole infrastructure.

The total surface of New Basin Port is of 334,464.470 sqm, out of which 73,967.00 sqm are situated in the Free Zone of Galati.

The access to the port can be done by roads, by railways (with standard and wide gauge) and waterway.

Braila Port

Braila Harbour was documentary attested for the first time in the year 1368, as old scaffolding towards which various goods from the 3 Romanian countries were directed both on land and on water. After the freeing of Braila from the Turkish occupation, further to the clauses within the Peace Treaty from Adrianopol in 1829, the Activity in Braila Harbour was subject to a lot of transformations and developments.

In 1891, the Docs of Braila Harbour and the warehouses (designed by Anghel Saligny) started to operate. On the eve of the 2nd world war, the facilities of the harbour were limited to 5 electrical quay cranes, one power plant, 3 tugboats and 4 fork lifts, the work itself beeing done manually. According to the statistic of the Local Chamberof Labour, by the end of 1937, Braila harbour had 2850 workers.

Cereals had an important share within the structure of the Braila traffic.
The 2nd world war had ill-fated consequences on the harbour.

Beginning with 1948, the harbour activity was improved by increasing the number of vessels operating in the harbour and diversifying the traffic of goods: cereals, phosphates, ores, colas, cement, chemical fertilizers, rolled products, aluminium, quarry products, a.s.o..

Important investments were made in the coming years in the harbour: warehouses, platforms, vertical quays, various facilities. Consequently, the traffic increased from 428,000 tons in 1950 to 2,360,000 tons in 1987.

Tulcea Industrial Port

The Industrial Port in Tulcea is located at Km 73.05 on the Danube.

It was built in 1974 in order to provide the necessary raw materials for the metallurgic factories in Tulcea.

The main activities developed in The Industrial Tulcea Port area are loading and unloading of various raw materials as manganese, bauxite, iron and cock, limestone, quartzite, ferroalloys etc in / from maritime and river vessels.


Giurgiu Port

Port of Giurgiu is situated at a distance of 60 km from Bucharest, the capital of Romania.

The port uses the right bank of Danube embarkments between km 494 - 491, an older river arm named "Canalul Plantelor / Sfântul Gheorghe" (Plants/Saint George Channel) and also a man made harbour basin named "Veriga".

Giurgiu Port Complex includes 4 locations which offer dedicated port facilities:

  1. Commercial Port "Ramadan" (km 494 - 491): passengers harbour, operating agricultural products from vertical grain elevators, ballast (gravel) products, coal, general cargo.

  2. "Canalul Plantelor / Sf. Gheorghe" Port: grain elevator of 10.000 tons, operating ballast and general cargo.

  3. Cioroiu Port: oil terminal.

  4. Giurgiu Free Zone Port : operating general goods and containers.

  5. Ports Ramadan, Canalul Plantelor/Sf. Gheorghe and Cioroiu are administrated by CN APDF SA Giurgiu.

Cernavoda Port

Calafat Port

Oltenita Port

Calarasi Port

Orsova Port

Orsova Port is located on the Danube at km 955.

Performing capacity: 1 200 000 to/year

Comercial activity:
  • Receiving and stocking of goods;
  • Delivering of deposited goods;
  • Handling of bulk and packing goods (loading, unloading, reloading);
  • Miscellaneous (renting of commercial rooms, warehouse, offices).

    Operational equipment: Porch single blocks - WEB type - 5 tones capacity - 2 pieces, Porch single blocks - BOCSA type -16 tones capacity - 2 pieces, Autosingle block - KC type - 16 tones capacity - 1 piece, Motostack - 1 piece Feeder - IF 80 type - 1 piece, U 650 tractor -1 piece 5 tones tow - 1 piece

    Facilities: quay length - 500 linear meters - 5 anchording place, direct access to anchoring place railway stations (4 lines), electrical power, permanently water, sewage, septic pits, custom house, frontier check point, port master's office, naval register, naval transporting agency, custom commissioning, thermal energy, buildings and special structures, fluvial station - 660 sqm, fluvial station (administrative) - 862 sqm, fluvial station - 250 sqm, general shop, operation building (offices), repairing and revision workshop - 462 sqm, warehouse for common goods, washing platform, access roads, goods lodging platforms.

  • Drobeta Turnu Severin Port







    Bechet Port

    Bechet port is located on the left bank of the Danube at km 679, in the vicinity of the town Bechet. The total port area covers about 6,630 sq. m, with a length of the river quay of 237 m. The average water depth is 2.80m.

    In view of the port's development, it is planned to modernize the RO-RO crossing point, the infrastructure, and the platform and area access financed by PHARE.







    Corabia Port






    Moldova Veche Port








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