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Implementarea unui sistem de instruire bazat pe competente
pentru forta de muncă din sectorul portuar,
într-un mediu de sprijin adecvat

bullets Context and main ojectives of the project

pozaThe transport system is the backbone of the economy from which water modes is one of the less polluting. Danube ports are continental gateways enabling direct cross-border movement of freight and passengers thus solving missing infrastructure and services from land borders. Though the transport potential of the Danube is very little exploited although can give a major contribution to reduce the pollution and risk of accidents. There is a strong need to improve the management, the infrastructure and technical facilities and the competence of the labor force. As the port services occurred dramatic changes according to transport and logistic sectors dynamic development on a very competitive market, the capacity to fulfill clients demands become a must. The port labor competence prove to play an important role but there are gaps in keeping up with such a dynamic market. New technologies, new jobs and almost an entire reengineering of the technological processes ask to put the labor force competence in line with labor market demands. The knowledge of the market demand requirements related to competence need to be the start point. A survey of the existing competences, the available qualification and training resources, the institutional framework and last but not least the labor force expectations has to be made. To cope market demands with labor force offer in terms of competence came up a strong necessity set up a competency-based training in a supportive environment.

bullets Major target groups:


Participants: associations of port services suppliers, port authorities cross border and regional associations as they can cover a wider area and have strong cooperation with institutions authorities.

Stakeholders: port services providers, port clients, trade unions, education and training providers, institutions.

Direct beneficiary: port community employees, employers.

Other: young, unemployed, women.

bullets Relevance of the project for EUSDR and respective Priority Area:

PA1A: harmonization in education and certification by supporting the information and participation of Danube ports in the European process of modernization and harmonization of education and certification in inland navigation. Action: to invest in education and jobs in the Danube navigation sector.

PA08: to support the competitiveness of enterprises by supporting enterprises through high performing training and qualification schemes.

PA09: to invest in people and skills by foster cooperation between key stakeholders of labor market, education and research in order to develop learning regions and environments by.

bullets Geographic area of the project activities / Timeline of the activities / Total budget of the project


• The project activities will be conducted in Romania, Moldova and Ukraine. The survey will involve Danube port communities and port services sector from these countries. The documentary work will cover all countries from Danube macroregion.

Start: 01.02.2015 – End: 30.10.2015

Total budget of the project: 49 374,00 €

2015 - Training4Ports